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Chapter 411 of Book 3 is in the queue

November 25, 2016
Posted at 3:21 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...It was Joyce's first solo visit to Ship. The deputy had worked through months of academy time, but she always did her simulation with at least one of her sister-wives. Because of the time dilation, the actual time she spent on Ship was counted in mere hours, of course, instead of what felt like months of training.

Tense, she stepped through the hatch, as always feeling the tingle as she did so, but before she could think to say anything, Ship greeted her by name, her mellow voice setting Joyce's mind at ease almost instantly. "Have you come to continue your academy training?"

Joyce let out a nervous chuckle as she remembered that Ship was intimately aware of everything that happened in her scenarios. Joyce hadn't made it to actually flying an interceptor yet and had crashed the academy's simulator over and over as she tried to land. With the inertialess drive, the damn controls are so sensitive even a hiccup while my hand is on the stick would probably jump me a friggin' half kilometer in some direction. If I ever pilot anything in real life, it will be a shuttle, and even then, I'm going to stick with using the AI as much as possible. But, oh, do I love the guns on that interceptor. But then again, I would have to talk my opponent into standing still. I darn sure can't fly that thing and fight at the same time like Arlene and Ann can - well, if they need to. And no self-respecting co-pilot is going to fly with me. I couldn't shake a butterfly off my six, let alone a real enemy in combat.

Joyce suddenly realized that Ship was waiting for an answer. "Uh, no. Although, I know I need to - and soon. But I've come to ask how long Jeff, Arlene and Ann will be. Ada and Charlotte have agreed to marry him this afternoon…

Have a goodun;