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That just about does it... don't it?

October 24, 2016
Posted at 6:15 am
Updated: January 28, 2017 - 9:03 am

Well, for me it does - for the time being - at least.

I have just finished posting my fortieth (40th) tale on

Stories Online. I began posting this story on Sept. 29,

2016 and as soon as it was on the boards, I was hit

with a '1-2-3-bomb', then I was hit with a nasty email.

That was when I added to the description of the story,

that I may not post the remaining chapters. My friend

and editor/proofreader - Amigo, contacted me and asked

me not to pull the story, that he thought it had merit.

I left it up and now it has been posted in its entirety.

This happened a week before Jay Cantrell posted in his blog

about the nasty emails and crude response to a story of his,

on Oct. 07, 2016

I thought I was the only one. Yet it doesn't make me feel

better, knowing I'm not alone. Something has happened here

and it wasn't overnight either. I have always taken mortar

rounds on my erotic stories. Now, it really bother me, because

I get hit from start to finish of a new story, no matter what the

genre, and I'm tired of fighting it.

I'm nearing three million downloads and I'm not sure I'll ever

see that number... Not on my SOL tote-board anyway.

Nine years and five months after I started posting my first

story, here I am, ready to shut it down. My posting that is.

I still have stories in my head that I want to tell, and I have

more stories in the making as I write this. Putting my tall tales

into print is still fun to me. Posting them here for others to

read, has become so UN-FUN, here at SOL lately.

SOL has become a home for some of the most self-centered,

self-made, self-appointed, self-anointed, so-called, "Literary

Critics" ever assembled on a 'free erotic sex story site' that

I have ever seen. Either that, or there's one wannabe bad-ass

out there who has many, many email addresses.

Those of us who post stories here HAVE NO RIGHTS! We are at

the mercy of anyone who wants to take a swing at us, as if

we're punching bags. They get to write nasty emails, say

anything they want, then slam us with low scores without

leaving any justification as to why they thought the story

deserved such a low score. We have to assume the reader-

voter is a hater. But what does he/she hate? Is it the writer,

the story as a whole, or simply that there is sex in the story?

Isn't a 1-2-3-bomb, criticism of the lowest kind?

Sometimes I wonder if it/he/she even took the time to read

the chapter/story - or just went straight to the bottom and

left a pile of shit for us to smell.

Yet the reader/voter gets to dust his hands and walk away

with a shitty grin on his face, knowing that his unspoken

(re)mark really told us off, and we're left to wonder why.


In an online forum lacking face-to-face contact, constructive

criticism is rare. People criticize the style of writing and

grammar, and based on that, often make assumptions about the

person. They write without consideration for how their opinion

will be received, which is not consistent with the idea of

constructive criticism...

I don't give a damn how you MEANT your criticism to sound,

if it's not helpful and constructive... then it's DESTRUCTIVE!

What qualifies anyone here, to give free 'constructive

criticism' about another person's story, anyway? Are they

professional editors? If so, WTF are they doing here? Were

they not good enough to hold a REAL job? Have they ever

published a book? Have they even written a story and posted

it here? If they can't qualify any of the above, they have no

right to criticize another writer/author, just because they read

a lot and they like some stories/writers and don't like others.

Most of the criticism I have seen up until recently, has merely

been opinions as to how the 'so called critic' would have written

my story if he knew how to write. Now, there are some who

scream because they run across a 'sex scene'

- Oh For Goodness Sakes - how could anyone here be so

crude and offensive as to include SEX in a story posted on SOL?

Tell me this - who gave those guys permission to come

here in the first place, and throw slime at those of us who

post stories here for free? Are we supposed to just keep

moseying along like some bobble-head doll sitting on a

dash, as 'they' perch on the limb of a dead tree, waiting

for the next victim to bobble along so they can spew their

'constructive puke'?

If you fire back at them, they have all the ammo. Yes, they

have the high-powered, 'low score' smokeless powder and

'1-2-3-bombs' which will always bring you AND your spirits

down. This takes the fun out of telling a tale and posting it here.

When that happens, I don't care who you are, it-changes-you,

and it-changes-the-way-you-write. It takes the fun out of

something that started out as fun, for me anyway. A pastime

- not a commitment - of posting free stories here for others

to read.

My grandpa told me once... and believe me when I tell you,

once was all it took, "If you can't say something good about

a man, keep your damn mouth shut. Who gave you the right

to judge another man anyway?"

One last memo for you to keep in mind... I'm not here

asking for sympathy. I don't need it - and I don't want it.

I stand on my own two feet and I, alone answer for myself,

for the stories I post, and for the decisions I make.

To those of you who have faithfully followed my stories...

I Sincerely Thank You - I'm not telling you that I will never

be back - but - I AM taking a break and I reserve the right

to make a final decision at a later date after I've thought this

over. Yet, I have to be honest with you - at this point, I am

leaning more toward the exit sign, than I am toward an extended

stay in the break room. I need to tell you this too, while I'm at it,

I've downloaded zip files from SOL on each of my forty stories

... just in case.

Whether I decide to stay or leave - as of today, I have ceased

to allow voting on ALL my stories, nor will I accept feedback. I

refuse to read anymore of the insults that are thrown my way.

Though I'll always miss the encouraging and extremely kind

comments from 'most' of my readers.

Quoth The Raven - 'Nevermore'

To the Administrators and Webmasters of Stories Online,

I Sincerely Thank You - for allowing me to post my stories

here over the years, and for putting up with me when I had

petty complaints, and yes - who would have ever imagined -

when I griped about the voting/scoring system.

Please Sirs, if you will, leave the door unlocked on your side,

and I'll leave it unlocked on my side... you know, just in case?

That just about does it... don't it?