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October 16, 2016
Posted at 9:36 pm

I'm returning to a favorite theme of mine: sexual healing. The protagonist of the story is Connie, a woman who had an unfortunate sexual experience in her early twenties, which turned her off to sex. She meets Erin, an old friend from college, a free-spirited woman who makes love to Connie, gives her her first orgasm, and then engineers a threesome with a man named Mike who has sexual issues of his own to resolve. By the end of the story, Connie is a sexually adventurous woman who is resolved to make the most of the years ahead of her.

Why do I write stories like this? Maybe because I see a lot of wounded people out there, in need of the kind of therapy that Erin provides. Maybe it's because I've had experiences of my own, in my youth, that required that sort of sexual healing. I wish I had met Erin back then; maybe she could have accelerated that healing process.

And maybe it's because the story is not only about Connie, a woman who needed to reclaim her libido, but about Mike, a man who needed to control his. He needed what a lot of men need: gentle, caring women who who accept his body for what it is, and who can teach him how to make love to them. The world is full of that sort of person, too. These men don't get that sort of education, so they use whatever they can get from their peers, their porn, and their fantasies to construct some sort of image for themselves that they think might appeal to women. (And the end result can be as grotesque as Donald Trump, who seems to have no genuine respect for women at all.)

As long as I've mentioned Trump, I may as well add that there are those readers who might be taken aback at Erin's advice to Connie to "show a little tit" to let men know about her sexual side. Doesn't that pander to those who want to see women as sex objects whose sole purpose is to titillate men? Doesn't that put Connie more at risk of the kind of sexual predator that interprets these displays of sensuality as a license to abuse?

It's a good question, and I don't have a glib answer to it. But Connie is being told that it's entirely up to her to select the men who see her flash of tit, and show them what she wants them to see. She's in control. And she can use the reactions she sees as touchstones to the attitudes of the men she's showing her tit to. She wouldn't be flashing men whom she doesn't trust to be gentlemen; she just wants to know under what circumstances they continue to be gentlemen. That's different from dressing immodestly, inviting attention from everybody who sees her. In the world I've created for Erin and Connie and Mike, she's safe as houses, because she has already assessed the risks and minimized them.

So this story is really a fantasy piece -- a fantasy of a world where people like Erin can teach these men how to be better, more considerate lovers who don't need to resort to braggadocio and intimidation to win a woman's heart, and where women like Connie can learn to re-connect with the pleasure they've lost or forfeited along the way. I hope that it's your fantasy, too.