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New Shit/Old Shit and a Request

October 16, 2016
Posted at 7:02 pm
Updated: October 16, 2016 - 9:29 pm

Lately,I've been on a roll with my writing.

Bud Ugly (Thank you so much) kindly helped me re-do the Family Feud Prequel. It is a short story that sets the tone for the much longer trilogy.

It also my first story on here and it definitely shows.

I am calling the new version my "Blu-Ray" version as it enhanced the clarity and added about 7 seconds overall to the length of the story.

I've been hard at work on Hard Times - getting about a chapter a week posted. I am in the home stretch of this story - lots of interesting things coming up (no spoilers) - but I think Ellen is on a really interesting journey - and I've always loved dirty stories written in trailer parks.

Usually they are written by people who don't seem to have lived in them - so they are usually just poor people fucking and a lot of people named "Travis" who have a monster truck.

Silly fool, Travis owns a Mustang GT. It's RANDY with the Monster Truck (his step brother) - j/k.

I am also proud to announce not only did someone respond to my request for help with my story, but someone also reviewed HARD TIMES.

So that's two dicks I've got to suck (and counting).

It is a really nice review - although I am not sure I am comfortable with being called Miss Amanda. I'd highly suggest having a look.

Sir Hogarth's Review

It's by Sir Hogarth - and I really love how he picks up on the humanity aspect of my writing. He says there are two chapters where they have a heart-to-heart amidst the debauchery and depravity.

I really believe the story should make you laugh, angry, horny, (not necessarily in that order) - and attach you to the characters. I want you to identify with at least one and know some people who remind you of the others.

I want you to taste the tastes, feel the feels, smell the smells as I describe them. I want you to say "Oh, I've been to a place like that - yep, they put too much chlorine in the damned pool to get rid of all the piss floating around in there".

I want you to enjoy the story!

In other news, I've been working on the Taylor Swift story. I don't know yet how long it will go. The story is set in the same house the Taylor family from Family Feud lived in a few months after they moved away. So the neighbors are still the same and it gives me an opportunity to explore some of those early characters again.

I just posted up chapter 5 and I think you will enjoy it. The story is written as alternating journals between the mother and the daughter in this story. In some cases - going back to previous events from the other ones perspective.

I am hopeful I will surprise you with this story and it will be similar to past stories (Things you like) but different enough not to be a rehash.

So that is what is new with me, now for my request.

I've been lucky enough to have some one help me fix FF1. I've finally gotten my wish and someone wrote a review about one of my stories that wasn't "Your grammar sucks and you suck, and I don't like humiliation and blackmail so your story sucks".

Now, my for my third wish:

I've been fortunate enough to have TWO fan-fiction stories written by other authors set in Family Feud.

The first was from a person who LOVED the story. I've written about this individual before. Here is a brief summary of our exchange:

He wrote to me to tell me he was unhappy with something that happened in the story.

I normally send back something like "Eat a dick." when people send me a nastygram but I thought about what he was really saying.

It wasn't that he wanted to tell me I suck or the story sucked. HIS version of my characters in his head would never get tattoos.

That is because he related to them and they were acting counter to his belief. It would be like if I took over Star Trek and made Spock grow a beard and say "Live Long and Groove on, man."

Some people may like the change but REAL fans would notice he wasn't acting like he is SUPPOSED to act in their minds and they would not like that.

People tend not to write unless they feel passionate enough about the story and the setting to do something like that.

So I wrote back and thanked him.

We exchanged emails a while and he finally started writing his version without the tattoo of what happened. It's on my page for my universe here:

There is also a story by Stacey Love - I've never emailed with her but it is fantastic.

Family Feud an Alternate Continuation Fanfic

I had taken a long hiatus from writing and she wrote a nice section about what probably happened with a LOT more sex than I usually write - in a very descriptive and hot way.

I was flattered but also really impressed with the fact she had taken the characters and made them her own.

So my request to you is this - pick ANYONE from my stories at ANY point or just make up someone new and put them in Cherry Lawn Estates or the Buckman Trailer Park.

Pick the most interesting time in their life.

Then write about that.

I believe when you submit a story, you have the option to add it to a "Universe" - mine is the Family Feud Universe.

It would mean a lot to me - even a short story. I don't care if it's Ted and Crystal weeks before any of this happened, or an elaboration on a scene that I didn't put a lot of detail into and you wished I had.

I wrote a follow up to Family Feud called Dear Internet, From Cow Tits.

Dear Internet, From Cow Tits!

It is a letter written by Wendy telling the "Internet" how she is some time in the future after the end of Family Feud. Some people had felt I left the epilogue a little rushed/too vague to FFIV and I thought they may want to know how she is doing.

just write anything.