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A 'Sunshine' State of Mind. Plus ... Sex.

October 16, 2016
Posted at 11:01 am

Hi Randy Readers,

A few thoughts about our silly little "Sunshine Pussy" story.


Sex is necessary to draw in you adolescent readers, that's understood. And appreciated.

Our wish is to retain your engagement through character reveals and dubious plot developments where we must sometimes stray from the naughty bits. Unfortunately, this results in an occasional removal of reader hand from reader penis. (Don't despair, said deprivation is usually brief in the foolish little stories that Jimmy and I pen.)

"Sunshine Pussy" is celebratory of strong women. Generations of them. The storyline, like life itself, is contradictory, irrational, amateurish, fascinating, boring and totally lacking in redemptive social values.

The principal character, Lily - - and I do this without any shame whatsoever - - is physically based on me, myself and I. Or, the me that I was 30 years ago.

Sex? My ego simply refuses to acknowledge Decency Boundaries. And Jimmy is a lowlife, enough about that.

As for 'Sunshine's' exploitation factor … wake up! A glance at American society, the 1% v. the rest of us, reveals that eternal truth: them that has, gets. Them that don't, don't.

Factual footnote: "Sunshine Pussy" with matriarchs running nudist colonies is based on reality. Different location, similar Amazons. Deal with it.

Keep it up!