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October 13, 2016
Posted at 10:14 pm

Vacation week special

Since I'm going to take a week of vacation from work, I thought I would be nice and post two chapters this week and I plan on doing the same again next week, then switching back to my regular one chapter per week after that.

As a way of keeping things separate while working on them, I started writing an epilogue chapter as well so that when I'm finally as done with this as I want to be, it'll sort of help wrap things up in a 'here's what comes afterwards' kind of thing. When I started this, internally I had titled that Chapter 90, figuring there was no way I'd ever actually get that far. I may have been optimistic.

So now Chapters 29 & 30 are being posted, and I'm about half way through Chapter 37 now, with no end in sight. I also realize that I've sort of screwed things up in one respect, because things in the game are balanced for one follower, not five, so there's just not quite the danger. It's one thing when you can one-shot an elder dragon. It's another when you have an entire war party that can do that as well. I hope it doesn't bother anyone reading this too much that 'unbalanced power' exists. If it does ... honestly, too bad. That's the thing about the PC mods, they allow the game to reflect 'reality', as it were. It never did make much sense to me that you could get all of these different people to follow you, but you were stuck with only one of them at a time. One of the reasons I sort of hurried the main quest was I couldn't see Alduin waiting while I went off and did every single other questline. I'm just having troubles figuring out how many should be mandatory. Thoughts from you all would be appreciated on that.

I've received feedback from some of you that reading this story has made you at least consider playing Skyrim again. Something else that might help is that apparently the Special Edition is going to be released at the end of the month. Mods for Xbox One and PS4! Makes me consider getting a new console ... at least for a bit, anyway.