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Halloween treat

October 11, 2016
Posted at 6:11 pm

Okay, first off I know it's a little presumptuous to call it a treat, but I hope you agree.

The reason a lot of my stories end up in the premier-members-only section of SOL is because I publish them for sale. I learned a while back that sometimes customers Google my name after (buying and) reading something, at which time they were led to SOL where they could find everything for free. So that's why I made them preview only.

That said, those of you who follow me at SOL know that I post everything here first and that, while it's being posted, it's free for everyone to read. That lets faithful SOL members, free or not, read the new offering and make comments on how it could be made better. I value that benefit a great deal.

That's why you can read the current story, The Palpable Prosecutor for free before I publish it and it turns into a premier members only story.

I got a request from someone to open up last year's Halloween offering, Bewitched! so that people who can't afford to pay for a book can read it again at this time of year. So I'm doing that and it will remain available to all until early November.


Well, I think of SOL readers as part of my family.

I still need to make a living, but I can live with giving family a break now and then.

So please enjoy Bewitched! at this time of year if that's the kind of story you enjoy. For those who aren't into the incest themed stories I post a lot of, Bewitched! isn't one of those stories.

Thanks to everyone for all you do to help me be a better writer.