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A comment on criticism

October 7, 2016
Posted at 8:13 pm

I see that Jay Cantrell has run into a few of the negative nellies that populate this and many other free story sites. I've had my own run-ins with people who not only jump to conclusions (which I have also been guilty of), but who try to tear down an author for some reason.

And he is 100% correct. Yes there are a few authors here who do hope to someday make money from their writings, but the majority post here for fun and do so without any compensation or expectation of compensation. The writing is a hobby and as such, stories are often posted unedited or with editing completed by volunteers who may or may not catch every error.

It results in a level of frustration when one or more often a series of people complain about inconsequential grammar problems and forget that there is an incredible amount of effort being put into each story that appears here.

So to everyone who posts feedback. Please, think about the authors. Most of us don't mind constructive comments and feel rewarded by praised, but mindless negativity doesn't help us improve, nor will it inspire us to write more. So please, try to err on the side of being polite and kind even if you see a multitude of errors. The authors will thank you for it, and if you can couch your criticisms as honest and well meant advice, you might find that the author's skills do improve over time.