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October 6, 2016
Posted at 11:43 pm

Chapter 28 available soon and it's raining

Just sent the next chapter in. Seems I may have a follower mod or two running, eh? :) What I found interesting was that one of you sent me a VERY nice feedback letter talking about sex and how you don't want to see it become too bogged down there ... at the same time that I'm posting some chapters that were written weeks ago now, which have more sex in them. Sorry, but ... that's almost the definition of irony.

The rain here is coming down hard, but not like it is or will be in Florida. That's a big difference between here in tornado alley and the hurricane coast. A tornado is a big wind, can cause a lot of damage, but they blow in and out and are done. A hurricane just hangs around for a LONG time, and goes a LONG way. I've been around lots of tornadoes, but only one hurricane. I'll take the tornadoes any day.

So good luck to our Florida, Georgia, Carolina and the rest of the east coast of the U.S. readers, writers, and editors.