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This week in “Seven Wonders of the World”

October 5, 2016
Posted at 8:53 am

So many puns jump to mind. "Fit to be Thai'd." "She's all Thai'd up." "I'm tongue-Thai'd." "I really Thai'd one on." "It was a Thai game." "Thai me kangaroo down, sport."

When it came to Char on the island of Koh Po Po, I got an education that explained something that had bothered me since my encounter with Sue back in high school. How can bondage equal freedom?

I spent nearly a month in Thailand. The people I met there became great friends-many of whom will find their way into other stories. And Char was a wonderful-and educational-surprise.

Posting of "Seven Wonders of the World" has moved to Wednesdays so you all have something to read while you're waiting for "Arlene and Jeff", "LA Fun", "Runaway Train", "Stupid Boy", "An Ordinary Sex Life", "A Well-Lived Life", and "World War". Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I'm stuck in front of my computer thinking, 'Damn! Don't these authors know I have a life? How am I supposed to keep up with all these stories?' Monday I'm sitting around with a remote control thinking, 'Damn lazy authors. Why don't they get a new chapter out? Why should I have to wait four more days?'