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The Amount of Cock She Had Had Had Had No Effect On Her Snatch

October 3, 2016
Posted at 8:20 pm

"The Amount of Cock She Had Had Had Had No Effect On Her Snatch"

English is a funny language. Technically, this is a "sentence" that is grammatically correct.

I am by no means great at it - and rightly so. It doesn't make sense.

However, thanks to my last blog someone who goes by Bud Ugly - has been gracious enough to help me revamp the very first story I ever wrote here. I did it without the help of an editor and it really shows. We are up to about chapter 7 - I am enhancing and clarifying a little as I go. So if you are interested in giving Family Feud the Prequel a try - I'll be posting when it's totally finished.

Re-reading it now, I see that not only had I broken a lot of the 'rules' of story writing - I didn't realize I was breaking them.

Now, when I break them - I know I am doing it and why!

I add plenty of characters in Hard Times for instance - more than normal stories. They are like having too many Barbie dolls in a doll house so every few chapters though I just focus on the three or four I want to play with for a while.

Speaking of Hard Times - I am knee deep in redneck shit and tobacco juice trying to bring you the next chapters. It is a fantastic story but I must warn you that the final arc is a coming. It's coming hard and it's coming on the readers face.

Well, maybe not on your face but in your eyes.

I have fallen in love with this setting and these characters but I think the story will have a conclusion soon.

I say that and then I spend 5 chapters writing about the thirty minutes the characters have a gang bang in front of Krystal's at 4 A.M so who knows - maybe it will go on a bit longer.

Still - I see it wrapping up.

So, the good news is I've already started a replacement story. I don't know if it will be a long one or not.I am calling it "Hello, My Name is Taylor Swift" - subtitled "No, not THAT Taylor Swift"

It is set in Cherry Lawn Estates - actually in the repo'd former House of the Taylor Family after the events of Family Feud. So expect to see a few recurring characters show up again.

In this one, the story postulates what happens to a girl growing up with a famous name and an attitude problem.

I was going to enter into the Halloween Contest but I am honestly not sure I'll be done by the time the contest is over. It's not going to be 'spooky' but there will probably be much nudity on the front lawn during the Halloween night. I can say that much.

Like many of my stories - the build is slow. I like to start by establishing the character and really giving you an idea of what they are about. I want you to find some flaws so you can watch her evolution. I want you to identify with something about her if possible - but if not, I'll introduce someone you can relate too.

I've about three chapters now and I posted up the first one just a few moments ago.