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Stupid Boy - Rape Discussion

October 2, 2016
Posted at 4:38 pm

In the most recent chapter of Stupid Boy - Junior Year it appears that one character sexually assaults another. This part of the story is actually setting up a serious discussion about rape much later in the story.

Of every 100 rape allegations, 46 get reported to the police. Of those, 12 lead to an arrest. Nine will get prosecuted and five will be convicted. The sad truth is only three will serve any time. This is an example of the 54 that are not reported.

This is currently a discussion going on at college campuses. Many times people, including the police, think of rape as a violent act. What happens when drinking or drugs are involved can begin to put doubt into people's minds. Did she go to the party voluntary? Did she drink the alcohol? Did she flirt with the man? Could she give consent?

For those that thought I handled it wrong ... sorry. The main character will get an education before everything is done.

Personally I take this seriously and didn't write what I did to be callous.

G Younger