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Oh My, Another Wager

October 1, 2016
Posted at 2:39 pm

Hi Randy Readers,

I not only let Jimmy talk me into contributing to the sick filth entitled "Rogue Medicine," but he also convinced me to make another bet with him.

(Last time I bet that my stories would have a higher reader score than his. Jimmy edged me out. As previously noted, my son is … to put a kind word to it, twisted. As the loser, I had to let him kiss me for at least a minute. Both of us au naturel of course.)

Our current wager is also based on readers' rankings. I've never had a story with a score of over 7 points. Jimmy is betting that "Rogue Medicine" will be at least a 7. With the over /under at 7, I'm pretty comfortable betting the under.

The stakes? To Be Determined.

My wish? If you must read the damn thing, vote low numbers. Thank you.

Keep it up!