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Getting Ready for Adventure

September 29, 2016
Posted at 12:12 pm

Tomorrow is my last day in the nudist park here in the North and I start a month-long journey to Southern California for the winter. I have a few stops to visit readers and editors along the way and am looking forward to meeting them. I'm still filling requests for eBooks from the birthday celebration. I was offline all day yesterday, so several requests have yet to be filled. Many people did not request a specific book, so I sent them one of the mysteries I have written under a different name. Hope you all enjoy the books.

None of that is the big adventure. The big adventure starts posting Friday evening. Seven Wonders of the World chronicles my 2016 trip around the world and some of the amazing women I met along the way. The story has evolved since I started it and now my editors have a sequel in their hands-Seven More Wonders-that follows my peripatetic life from the time I moved into my travel trailer in 2013. Not having talked enough, I immediately began writing Still More Wonders and am well into that, among other projects.

Don't think this is a simple travelogue. Alice was pretty upset when she contacted me a couple days after I returned to the U.S. 'Upset' might be overstating her emotions as she is remarkably easy-going. But… She claimed that my Facebook and blog posts had been 'sanitized' for reading by my family and friends. She wanted the real story. For reasons unknown to me, Alice gets off on reading about my adventures with other women. In the three-and-a-half years I've been living in my travel trailer, I've learned that it's to my benefit to satisfy Alice. And once I started writing about these adventures, they kept reminding me of other remarkable women who have blessed my life over the years, from Carly the Clown to Treasure and from Joy to Anabelle Lee. Decades of women started talking to me. Some that I'd thought of recently and some who hadn't crossed my mind in decades.

None of them ever talked that much when we were making love.

And that's where my first dilemma came in. This will be my 22nd story on SOL. Most of the other 21 are coded "Some Sex". But I wasn't sure how to code this one. Alice wanted the story of the sex I've had. But that is the story of the women I've loved. And there is all the stuff about the sights I saw, the people who were so influential on my life, the books I wrote, and even the women who were an inspiration for characters I've written about. Ever wonder who Whitney really was? Whether Cassie and I really met in the woods? Who the most beautiful woman in America was? How I lost my virginity?

There's at least one hot sex scene in every one of the long chapters of Seven Wonders of the World. But after a long email chain with my three editors, I decided to still use the "Some Sex" code. There's just too much story involved to think of it as "Much Sex". If you disagree when you've read it, let me know. It probably won't affect how this story is coded, but it might affect the next one.

And how do you code all the different sex acts in a person's life without just clicking on everything in list? It would be easier to click the ones that don't occur. M/M, defecation/piss, rape. None of that shit. I can't do it. Let's just say that there is nothing illegal in my sex life. The stories cover periods from when I was in high school until the present day, so they involve teens and adults, not usually crossing over between the two, but sometimes. I'm heterosexual. I'm fine with alternatives to that, but it's never crossed my mind to be anything other. Of course, I have no difficulty with women who are into each other, especially if I'm a participant.

The range of sex acts you can get into over a full life is almost limitless. Somewhere within these stories, I've had oral, vaginal, anal, and manual sex. I've been with women of different races, body types, levels of education, nationalities, and quirks. I've tried out discipline, bondage, submission, and dominance. And just about any position a man can get into with his cock or tongue or fingers in a woman. Some of them became favorites while others were no more than an interesting experiment.

And finally, there is the question of 'tears'. The story of my life is not a sad story. But, like everyone, there have been sad times. I've lost money. I've lost friends. I've lost lovers. I've lost jobs. I've lost wives. I'm not holding any of that back. Alice wanted the 'real' story, and that shit is part of it. But I don't regret a moment of it and I am a happy man.

The travel is arranged according to a map. The stories, not so much. My life will unfold a little at a time, in bits and drabs, as I happen to remember things. The things I remember are in no particular order. Usually, I manage to keep straight whether I was in college or grad school or if I was independent or working for the man. I'm sure there are stories that I remember differently than what actually happened, or at a different time or place. I didn't keep a journal of my sex-life for the past several decades, so it's all just the way I remember it. I'm sure I fantasized a good bit of it, but I have a hard time separating fantasy from reality. People I made up are just as real to me as people I encountered.

These are long chapters and there are no cliffhangers. Each chapter is complete in and of itself as I move off to another adventure and country. The whole of Seven Wonders has been uploaded for posting once a week while I work on finishing some other stories.

Seven Wonders of the World is based on a true story. I lived. I traveled around the world. And this is the story Alice wanted to hear. Only the names, places, and events have been changed to keep some wonderful women from hunting me down to call me a liar, or worse. Enjoy!