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All about you

September 26, 2016
Posted at 6:39 pm

Once again, I want to thank the 426 respondents to my survey. I never anticipated that much of a response. I'm going to try to summarize.

The survey didn't really reveal "New Information!" but confirmed much of what I had assumed from my email. What it did do was give me hard numbers so I can talk intelligently to book distributors about the profile of my readers. Several of you also took the time to send me an email or comments with things I missed and your ideas regarding them. This input will affect my next survey that will be more about the characteristics of a story that you like rather than generalities like genre and source. When looking at these results, keep in mind that not everyone answered every question and some questions had multiple responses:

Male: 98% 416
Female: 2% 9
Yes, mostly male.

18-24: 1% 5
25-34: 8% 34
35-44: 15% 62
45-54: 22% 92
55-64: 26% 110
65-74: 22% 94
75- : 6% 24
Two-thirds over 55.

Free online and websites 92.25% 393
Paid online and websites 32.16% 137
Commercial online eBooks 19.25% 82
Commercial online paper 2.58% 11
Brick & Mortar stores 4.93% 21
Adult book and toy stores 3.52% 15
None of the above 0.23% 1
Other (please specify) 2.58% 11
-Direct-from-author paid (particularly for pre-releases)
-free eBooks on line
-storiesonline-paid membership
-Storiesonline premium
-Do graphic comics like
-Do fantasy count as paper books?
-storiesonline (premium member)
-No Kindle, so no amazon.
-Do you consider SOL (and sisters) paid or free if one has a paid SOL account? That's where I get most of my stories, no other paid subscriptions.
-Specialist (remainder) brick/online stores
-will use some paid websites once finances settle out

Classic (Victorian or pre-70s) Classic (Victorian or pre-70s) 22.1% 94
Coming of Age Coming of Age 87.1% 370
BDSM BDSM 24.7% 105
War/Action and Adventure/Western War/Action and Adventure/Western 61.4% 261
Romance Romance 64.2% 273
Fantasy Fantasy 56.0% 238
SciFi/Mind Control/Time Travel/ SciFi/Mind Control/Time Travel/ 79.3% 337
Drama 44.9% 191
Incest 46.6% 198
Erotica 56.5% 240
Other (please specify) Other (please specify) 39 39
-Basically anything with good story in it! BDSM less than others.
-d/s without the sadism implied in bdsm
-Not so much mc as tt, sf and do overs. Action, historical etc. It does not have to have sex in it if it is well written.
-Humil or mystery/thriller (like k2)
-Multi/harem stories (most with incest in them)
-Cheating stories
-Do over
-starting over
-Plot and character development lead me to prefer longer stories
-Smart girls universe
-Do-over, MCS. Alien, historical
-Like long stories with a good plot
-Western. Do Over
-Time Travel in the far past like "John and Argent" by CMSIX
-I love well written do-overs
-Theme of females learning to enjoy sex
-Do over
-Time Travel, only little SciFi, no Mind Control
-MFF-Romance, Harem-Romance
-M/f, oriental female
-it needs to have some level of love in it for me to enjoy
-DoOver, Historical
-Sometimes bdsm but generally not often.
-Sagas like "Smart Girls", "Grim Reaper", "Stupid Boy", and "Bec
-do over
Kind of dumb of me to have missed putting 'do-over' on the list!

No sex No sex 0.5% 2
Minimal sex Minimal sex 10.8% 46
Some sex Some sex 72.1% 307
Much sex Much sex 16.0% 68
Stroke Stroke 0.7% 3

Other entertainment:
Video Video 62.8% 265
Strip clubs Strip clubs 6.2% 26
Burlesque Burlesque 4.7% 20
Fetish play Fetish play 6.4% 27
Prostitution Prostitution 3.3% 14
Swinging Swinging 2.1% 9
None of the above None of the above 34.1% 144
Other (please specify) 6.2% 26
-my imagination and my memory [going faster each day]
-Hentai/manga/comics online
-A little chat
-Married 46 years--and it's still fun.
-Imagination, computer/AI play
-fantasy adult chat rooms
-Your mom. (Sorry that was way too easy)
In the words of Carstairs: "She's a treasure. You need a map and a shovel to find her."
-voyeur style pictures
-free photo galleries
-Text Role Play
-nude beaches
-Did strip club in my younger days
-nude photographs
-free erotic pictures
-Photo siites, e.g. Nick Scipio, Voyeurweb
-point for above question, range from "no" to "much" sex, depends on how written
-sex with a female partner - adult entertaiment at its finest
-Nude clubs (where everyone got naked, sex in front of others, big jacuzzi's, dancing

Thank you again for your participation and help!