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Chapter 402 of Book 3 is in the queue

September 23, 2016
Posted at 2:50 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...The absolute quiet of the bridge officers made the normal background sounds of the electronics seem overly loud as the pause dragged out. Then, at last, "Very well, then. Carry on," the Captain snarled before whirling around and marching out.

The Second Officer stepped over to a nearby console for a moment, and a small section of the big screen showed the Captain walking rapidly toward his quarters.

The First Officer could have sworn he heard several of the bridge crew give the races' equivalent of a snigger.

A little later, he stood watching the big screen as the Paladins swept through the asteroids they were using for targets, the First Officer well pleased with their accuracy as the crews competed with each other. The Second Officer grinned over at him, then said loudly enough for all the bridge personnel to hear, "They are endeavoring to make you proud of them, First. They have never performed this well in the past."

The First Officer frowned. "But why…"

"Uh, Sir, the recording of the bridge incident involving the Captain was accidentally broadcast to all the Paladin crews."

The First Officer, his face dark, turned to his Second, ready to reprimand him verbally, but reason asserted itself before he could open his mouth. Instead, "It was accidentally broadcast?"

"Uh, yes, Sir. As you are aware, First, a touch of the wrong control and the accident happens - sometimes."

The First Cleared his throat, "Well, let us be certain that particular accident does not happen again."

"Oh, I am certain it will not. I have spoken to the individual at fault. He assures me that he will be doubly vigilant in the future."

"See that he is." Then with a grin, he winked at his Second.

Nodding to the screen, "Call them in and send out the second half squadron."

"As you order, First."

Have a goodun;