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Character Lists

September 23, 2016
Posted at 10:01 am

I appreciate the responses to my question about character lists for my stories. As you can imagine, the suggestions were both varied and conflicting.

It is interesting. I've had suggestions to place a list just about everywhere possible in a story.

I responded recently to all received, but had a bounce back from William whose provider told me his email address did not exist. If that was an error, you might want to check. I don't like not being able to respond when someone takes the trouble to write.

You, know - I'm not so worried about the characters introduced in the new story because they are explained as they appear, but the ones that are a carryover from the last or even earlier stories may need memory refreshed - and I for one - hate the rehash in the middle of the action. I've been adding a character list at the end of a story that folks can refer back to for the next story, but as the relationships get more complex, I don't think that works as well as I'd like. At least with my not posting until the story is complete, folks don't have to wait forever and need to re-read to know where they are.

Anyway, I'll figure out an improvement over what I do now.

I still have characters whispering in my ear, taking me places I had no idea that I would go...