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When I said I would suck your dick, I didn't mean You're Nuts

September 20, 2016
Posted at 10:03 pm

I actually received a little feedback! Thank you so much.

I thought the title would grab a little attention and this time I was just having a little fun/pun with the idea that you are all mostly nuts (So am I - so don't feel bad).

Things people who took a look at my stories for the first time pointed out:

1- They didn't like the content. I would say to a person, they were all the kind who do not enjoy BDSM/humilation stories. I had tried to be clear that is what they were and they weren't for everyone. I'd hope to at least hear from some of the more deviant minded folks who like a good dirty story to contain a fair amount of dirt - but it's not to see everyone's perspective. I don't want to change anyone or 'recruit' you over to the dark side.

Whatever gets you off is fine with me. It just seemed interesting I didn't hear from the more likely audience of the story itself.

2- They looked at my first story, family feud I which is a prequel. It's fairly short and was intended to set the scene for future stories (FF II - IV). The characters were intended to be fairly normal middle America flawed people who kind of stumbled into the realm of fetish/bdsm almost by accident. I tried to portray the people as reluctant and allow them all to make mistakes (So they can later perhaps find some redemption or at least acceptance of those flaws).

However, almost each person thought to remind me that they should have "Won" in the story. I suppose that I was thinking as it is a prequel - that would happen a bit further on down the road and the victory may not be what you'd expect.

They also all pointed out my horrific mistakes/grammar. I really do intend to go back to that story and see if I can fix it up a bit. I thought I had actually.

I would much prefer people read the more recent Hard Times - but I understand what an undertaking that may seem like. All I can say is - take it slow and I am not the typical formulaic author. You will find I like to zig when you expect me to zag and I enjoy callbacks to past encounters and odd characters returning to play a more prominent role.

I am at a point now in Hard Times where I've created so many interesting character it is a bit like the girl with too many dolls in her doll house. So each chapter is focused on just a few of those dolls and their interactions while the others are off fucking, sucking or whatever it is they do.

I had actually thought to end the story fairly soon. However, the feedback being relatively positive and the fun I am having writing the latest chapters has made me reconsider and offer a reprieve for Ellen on her Summer "Vacation" at Buckman Trailer Park.

Thanks for reading and special thanks to the people who chose to respond and even offer the gift of feedback.