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Cliffhanger??? I'm sorry. I didn't mean it!

September 19, 2016
Posted at 7:41 pm

Here's something that you have to realize about the way I write if you hate cliffhangers, like several people told me this week.

I didn't mean to have a cliffhanger. It was just a natural place for a chapter to break. When I write a story like this one, I write the whole thing, just like it was actually a book. Many of my stories become books. I don't end the story at the end of every chapter because when a person reading the book reads it, all they have to do is turn the page.

Sadly, even when it is only 48 hours until the next chapter is available, people reading a serial as it is posted can't just turn the page and have to wait TWO WHOLE DAYS hanging from a cliff. Sorry about that.

I remember reading a serial posted by a guy who only posted sporadically and it seemed like every chapter ended with the phone ringing or a gunshot or 'the door opened.' The bastard never even finished the story and I have no idea if anyone actually got shot. So, if you don't like my cliffhanger, just be thankful I'm not him. I finished the story; it posts every other day; and it ends this Friday. Promise!