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Whose Dick Do I Need To Suck To Get An Objective Review?

September 18, 2016
Posted at 8:16 pm

I write stories that I would enjoy reading.

For that reason, they are twisted and somewhat perverted - which is nothing unusual for this site.

They are full of humiliation and bondage, incest and blackmail - but typically of flawed people who probably deserved it anyway. This is not always the favorite of people - but to those who enjoy it - it's welcome fantasy.

They are also full of complexities because I love complex characters who evolve over time.

They are also fairly long, because I don't like when I just get to fall in love with a character and they are gone. I look at it like this

So for that reason they tend to intimidate readers - think of it as a bunch of little stories all connected and take your time.

However, not one review in the years I've been writing? That makes me feel lonely.

Family Feud I-IV is completed and "Hello Internet from CowTits" the sequel - how about review those?

I don't mind if you are going to bag on my story as long as you give constructive feedback but at least talk about it.

Hard Times has been a labor of love and I feel the story is reaching it's ending arc.

I receive very few constructive emails of feedback. Some times I get an occasional "Great job, keep it up" but what would be nice is for someone who read the stories to take the time to put out a cool review.

If you didn't KNOW there are reviews - take a look at all of them. They will help guide you to the stories you like.