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September 16, 2016
Posted at 8:50 am

The main quest is finished

Just submitted Chapter 25. That pretty much puts an end to the main quest, with the defeat of Alduin. There's a lot of quests that are started that aren't finished, though, and Chapter 26 will start that next week. I considered ending it with this chapter, but ... Martina deserves more, I think.

That, and I'm a completionist. Playing Fallout, any of the TES games, or even something like Halo or Mass Effect (or worse, GTA) - I don't just power through. I figure the biggest compliment that you can make to any game designer is to go through the thing to find those hidden easter eggs.

What's amusing is that as large as Skyrim is, and yes, I'm playing a modded version of it, there are still basic game things that I'm finding as I'm running through the game to write this story. It's the little things - the sulfur bath hot tub party that I mention in Chapter 22. That's in the basic game. Never ran across it before, after hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of game play over the years.

The home outside the walls of Whiterun that shows up here in Chapter 25 is the Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite, in case anyone wonders what mod that is. And if you wonder why I put emphasis on eating and sleeping, I'm also running Realistic Needs and Diseases. And it's pretty obvious that I've SexLab and Amorous Adventures running, too, since ...