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CT Scans and Chapter 27

September 10, 2016
Posted at 2:36 pm

Today's chapter is submitted for posting. It's an interesting piece of the story and I hope you all enjoy it. Special warning to anyone that suffers from anxiety attacks, this chapter may trigger some issues as it describes, graphically, a severe anxiety attack. I've tried to capture the physical as well as the emotional impact they have on the sufferer. If it resonates true, please let me know. I'd appreciate knowing if I got it right or if there was more I could have focused on.

A few people have pointed out that repeated CT scans is a fantastic way to get cancer. Since this was NOT what the study was hoping to accomplish, I switched these to MRI scans throughout the story instead except where an actual CT scan would have been helpful. See Book 3 for details. Thanks to everyone who pointed it out. I'm not familiar with the medical scans and when they're used, but having had a CT scan a couple of times over the past 10 years for neurological testing, it seemed appropriate. So thanks to all the people who pointed out the gaff. Keep correcting me if I'm wrong about something. I appreciate it.

As always, thanks to everyone who writes to me. The past couple of days, I noticed a severe decline in my daily mail until I checked my junk folder and found 20 messages that shouldn't have been flagged, so today, I sent out a lot of replies. Remember, I can't reply back to anonymous feedback. Include an email somewhere in the message if your SOL account is set up not to share yours. Otherwise, I can't write back.