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My Strange Life

September 9, 2016
Posted at 1:26 pm

I was sitting at the lodge playing cards (Hand and Foot) yesterday afternoon when one of the women looked around and started laughing. She's also a writer (though not in this genre) and said, "I've just figured out the opening for Ari's next novel!" She had everyone's attention because they all know what I write. We encouraged her to go on.

"I was trapped in a lodge on a rainy afternoon with five naked women who were all hot to score," she said. That got a good round of laughs.

The thing was, it was true. I looked at the five naked women sitting at the card table with me and they were all examining their cards to see who had enough points in her hand to get on the board.

Okay. It might not be quite the fantasy you are all thinking, but it was worth a side-trip for a few minutes. And eventually, all five of them scored.

More adventures from my strange life are forthcoming in the new series Seven Wonders of the World that is in the hands of my editors and should start about the first of October, a week after Not This Time ends. I have completed the writing of the sequel, Seven More Wonders, and as soon as the first one leaves the editor's hands, I'll start the second through the mill.

The two stories (around 200,000 words) chronicle my trip around the world this year and some of the past three years traveling around the U.S. in my truck and trailer. A lot of the time, I'm reminded of things that happened in my youth and I just get side-tracked as I relive them. What you'll find are a number of names of women that I've used in other stories and a little about the real story behind them. These stories have less plot and a lot more sex in them than my others. That's the story Alice wanted, and I generally try to make her happy. You'll figure that out later.

I've also begun a re-release of Model Student on Amazon, both in print and in Kindle eBook. Books 1 and 2 have been released (Mural and Rhapsody Suite). There aren't many changes in those two, or the upcoming Diva. Mostly spelling and grammar corrections that I've collected over the past four years since their initial release. The last three books--Triptych, Odalisque, and The Prodigal--are being significantly edited, including where the breaks come between books. There are several reasons for this. Odalisque was 650 pages! That's too long for a print book when I'm determined to keep the cost of each book well under $15.00. In addition to re-arranging the content, I'm cutting close to 30,000 words from the three books. They were fun when it was posted as a serial, but didn't add anything to the story. The result is that the overall story reads much better.

The editing and re-release on Amazon will not affect the stories as they currently appear on SOL. I will not be updating those stories.

I note with some shock that Pygmalion Revisited has gone yellow! That means it has been more than a year since I added a story to the series. I certainly never planned that. I wrote another story titled "Mixed Media" that I intended to put up here, but I was surprised when it was selected for inclusion in an anthology. (Lustily Ever After, from A Two Dame Production. They have all rights to the story until July of 2017, so I can't post it here until then. So, I'll get busy and write a new one and get it up this fall. Then when I get the rights back for "Mixed Media", I'll add it and close the series. It just snuck up on me!

I'll be making a trip through Seattle the first two weeks of October if anyone wants to get together. I'll be wearing pants. The fifteenth, I'll be in transit from Seattle to Corona, California where I'll be spending the winter this year. Again, if you are on the way, let me know and I'll plan stops in your area if I can. I pretty much plan to stick to the Pacific Coast Highway at least as far as Malibu. Plan to be at Tahoe for Thanksgiving and Las Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo in January. I'll start putting people on my calendar.