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Update from the Writer's Desk

September 6, 2016
Posted at 3:49 pm

Couple of notes:

The next few chapters of "Listening to Jack" are still in progress. I think I'm on track to get the next chapter posted either at the end of this week, or sometime next week at the latest. I used to hate making guesstimates about when chapters might be completed, but I seem to be on a roll of late, so (knocks on wood) I think that's a safe one to make. These chapters should complete the last major story arc before things start heading towards THE END, so I hope fans of the story will enjoy what's unfolding in the weeks and months to come.

And speaking of "enjoy" ... I did notice scores dropping after the release of the latest chapter. I didn't get much feedback (okay, *any*) telling me why, though. So if you didn't care for the last chapter, please drop me line and let me know why. I'm not offended, I'm just curious. Was it because the chapter was shorter? The subject matter? Todd?

And since there always seems to be a yin to the daily yang, the emails that I *do* get are now "When are you getting back to 'Playing Ball with Mom'?" No, I haven't forgotten about my slightly ridiculous tale about oversexed mom Cherie and her perpetually horny sons. I just seem to work better (and be more productive) when I concentrate on one story at a time. As mentioned before, though, I write slow, so while I'm making some progress on "Jack", that means "Playing Ball" gets shelved for a little bit.

My current plan is to finish up the current arc of "Jack", get the next 3-4 chapters of PB done after that, and then move on to the opening chapters of the sequel to "Fun with the Colte Family". Time will tell how that all shakes out, though, I guess.