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Chapter 19

September 3, 2016
Posted at 12:57 pm

I just posted Chapter 19 to the queue. This covers most of Matt's hospital stay and some of his most important conversations with Dr. Spencer.

So a funny thing happened to me last night. I resolved that I was going to take a little break from Book 4. My concentration was wandering. I'd write a sentence, check my mail, take a drink, look at Facebook, listen to some music, wander around the house and generally feel listless.

I decided that this was the perfect chance to start rereading GYounger's Stupid Boy series, leading up to his release of book 4. So I settled down to read. And I started to get the same feeling like I couldn't settle to one task. Strangely enough, the task that kept drawing me away from that was writing. I wrote nearly twenty pages last night between getting reacquainted with David Dawson.

I also got reminded yesterday of a story I'd read. It's one of JRyter's called Hero. I always thought the story had a good premise, but I thought there was a lot of meat in the story that had been left on the butcher's block, so to speak, so I'm thinking about taking a crack at writing my own story in that spirit once I need a serious break from My Journey.

As always, feedback is ALWAYS welcome and appreciated. I try to answer everything people send my way, unless it's done anonymously. Thank you all for making this experience so positive.