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Chapter 399 of Book 3 is in the queue

September 2, 2016
Posted at 3:14 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...Inside the fence, the construction supervisor had been on the way to the office trailer to requisition a part from headquarters. He stood staring at the tableau a hundred yards away. He couldn't hear what was said due to the howling of the wind and the distance, but he had seen everything. He had stood spellbound as the men dangled in midair clawing at their throats as if invisible ropes were holding them up by their necks. Then with a suddenness that was just as startling, there were a number of the helmeted guards also standing there, all pointing those odd looking rifles at the two dangling men. He had even seen the Glocks disintegrate.

As the men dropped to crumble lifelessly to the pavement, the supervisor shook his head and marched purposely toward his office. I saw that. I know I saw that, but nobody will believe me. I've been with the company many years, and I thought I had been to some truly unusual locations, but this one takes the cake. What the fuck is going on around here? Is this another Area 51? It's obviously military - there are military helicopters going and coming, and the guards that patrol our compound are just as obviously highly trained. They won't speak other than a greeting, but their weapons look odd… and scary. Now a whole bunch of them appear right out of thin air. Not to mention those two guys dangling a foot above the ground.

With one last glance over his shoulder, he saw the two men being carried on stretchers toward a Humvee that had just roared up. I want this job completed, and I do not want to piss these people off, he thought as he hurried inside his office...

Have a goodun;