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August 31, 2016
Posted at 6:06 pm
Updated: August 31, 2016 - 6:12 pm

A variety of items to blog about. First, the muse has returned, sort of. I am back to writing, but it is not what people will be expecting. Remember, I started writing in the pure porn realm. AFS started out that way, and only became PG-13 rated later. Anyway, one of my stories mentioned a really cheesy porn movie about couples stranded on a jungle island. For whatever reason, that element stayed with me, and now I am writing it. So I am going back to my roots in two ways. When I first started writing porn I figured I had to be able to write better than ninety percent of the schlock out there. So I intend to write some literate porn. I am up to Chapter Six, and have maybe another dozen to go.

Next, I get a huge number of readers asking about Carl Buckman and the current political nonsense. We are currently faced with two diametrically different candidates. In AFS Carl discusses Hillary Clinton, so I don't think we need to discuss that. As for Donald Trump, I briefly debated having Carl interact with him, but not in a political sense. I considered the idea of the two billionaires getting pissy with each other, and Carl challenging Donald to blackjack - and then cleaning him out! It didn't move the story where I wanted it to go, so I never wrote it.

As for politics…

First, in the Buckman universe, the circumstances that led to Trump would not have arisen. Trump is a direct result of the disastrous Bush presidency, which led to the Obama anti-Bush presidency and the Clinton candidacy. (Don't try to argue about the wonders of Bush 43. Every poll of historians I have run across rates GWB in the bottom quartile of Presidents. I'm no fan of Obama, either. He ranks mid-level, which I think is generous at best, but he is still an improvement over GWB.) In any case, without Obama and Clinton, the hard right wing would have had nobody to rally around other than the religious nuts, which has never really worked. Likewise, in the Buckman presidency the economy was better, and the Trump core wouldn't be in such bad shape as to need Trump.

Second, I can easily see Buckman vs. Trump in a debate. The first time Trump began spouting some bullshit about him, Carl would walk across the stage and bust his jaw on national TV. Can't you just imagine it!

As for Trump, he has destroyed the Republican Party. When I was a boy growing up I was taught that Presidents were somebody special. We looked up to them. Children were named after them. We put their faces on our money and carved them into mountains. After I grew up I realized that they were just men like the rest of us and had feet of clay, but still, Presidents are supposed to be better than the rest of us. Now we have a candidate who will put his name on top of the White House and turn the South Lawn into a driving range. I grew up a Republican, from the days of Richard Nixon. I cannot be part of a political party that could be associated with Donald Trump. I am not so lost as to become a Democrat, but I did change my registration to Independent.

My youngest daughter has begun reading AFS, and the results are hilarious. She seems to like it, but reads slowly - she has an 18-month-old at home and complains she reads Doctor Seuss more than anything else. Regardless, every time she gets to a sex scene between Carl and Marilyn, even a PG-13 version, she complains about Mom and Dad 'humping!' We write her back that it's just fiction, but laugh nevertheless.

Finally, writing has slowed down some, as have I. I am still gainfully employed, but have considerably less time to write. Further, I had a heart attack on Saturday, and that has slowed me down. I am just fine; the ambulance got me to the hospital in time to keep me alive and now I have a stent in my left anterior descending artery. The blockage is known as 'the widowmaker', which is hilarious to my wife and me, considering what we were up to at the time it occurred. Since then I have started calling her a Black Widow.

Thanks for the continuing interest.

- rlfj