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August 25, 2016
Posted at 7:54 pm

All about Ron - no not all about Ron just some about me

Currently, ideas overflow my head. I have an outline finished on the finale installment of Michelle Tanner - Going West and hope to work on it soon. I a full-length novel I'm working on hard. Yesterday, Wednesday August 24, 2016, I finished the first 1/3 of that story and sent it off to a professional proofreading service. This is done in advance of sending it to a publisher, not my usual mom and pop online service but a full-fledged publisher. This excites and frightens me in an odd amalgamation of emotions. Feelings which aren't wholly compatible with one another, exhilaration and trepidation walking hand in hand.

I have an outline for another western that is my November NaNoWriMo project for this year. Then there is a new serial set of stories that are outlined, but as yet undeveloped, an overarching story but none of the individual parts have much more than titles and main plots. You can say they have their skeleton but no meat or flesh to them at this time. If the publishing company accepts the novel, then by the contract they will have first dibs on all the work I have currently in development other than part eight of Going West.

I'm burning the midnight oil writing up a storm. Unfortunately, writing is a process not just a furious attack on the keyboard. Yes, I have murdered more than one keyboard and a couple of full grown typewriters in my time. I hope not to keep any of my regulars hanging and waiting for an extended period of time for new stories. Y'all send a prayer up for me, and I'll do my best to get things up as quickly as possible. God Bless and be safe.