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Premature Posting

August 21, 2016
Posted at 8:35 pm

I'm somewhat mixed about my latest posting; "Door Prize."
I came up with the title and let it sit in my "To Do Ideas."
I had a completely different idea of what to write and the general direction, but I had already written "Decadent Delight, which had a similar theme. I struggled on how to make it different.

The story about Polo Ponies could have had a much different direction and I could have developed the characters much better. What I posted was an outline of my thoughts of the Polo Pony story; and I just posted it because I hadn't done anything for so long.

I had lots more ideas and could have gone on for a lot longer, but just seemed to wrap up everything as a summary at the end. I threw in the idea of the "Door Prize" just because it was the original idea. It probably didn't need to be in there.

If the scores seem decent or there is much curiosity, I will consider a couple variations this winter, when the pools close and it is too cold to go to the high school track.

If anybody has variations to add, I'm open to suggestions.