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Chapter 397 of Book 3 is in the queue

August 19, 2016
Posted at 3:50 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...A half mile from the runway, the plane shuddered as a particularly strong gust pushed the nose out of line, but Eileen skillfully brought it back a heartbeat later. Unseen by her, a half grin touched Bill's lips for a second.

Heavy snow suddenly hit the windshield with a vengeance just as a downdraft from the surrounding mountains added to her tension, but her responses were long since automatic, even if she wasn't totally accustomed to the Citation X just yet.

Put her down gently, Girl, Bill thought as he stilled himself to appear casual. The crosswind gusts were stronger than he expected, making Eileen have to crab the plane hard into them as the jet passed over the fence.

"Fifty feet,"
the sensors announced a moment later as Eileen struggled to keep the plane centered over the runway.

Another gust - different to the previous one - made the plane shy away in the opposite direction, but again, she caught it before Bill could even tense.

"Forty feet."

"Thirty feet."

"Twenty feet." Again, a violent gust shook the plane causing the pretty pilot to have to crab hard, then immediately realign as the gust quickly diminished, then the right wing dipped a little in another gust, but she immediately corrected.

"Ten feet."

At the last instant, Eileen caught a break and the wind held steady but still forced her to crab hard to the right. There was a gentle bump as the tires barked and a sway as the plane aligned itself to its direction of travel on the tarmac. Then they were rolling down the center of the runway.

"Well done," Bill said as he reached to lay a hand on her thigh. "You make me proud."...

Have a goodun;