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Thoughts - mostly empty

August 13, 2016
Posted at 7:33 pm

Well, its been another week or two, since my last post here.

Things are progressing. I've got a few more chapters drafted, although I have not had time to get them edited. I do plan on trying to post regularly, but I also want to start/resume working on Seafaring on Jord.

Meanwhile, I watched Suicide Squad today in the theatre (I stumbled on some passes I obtained years ago. Fortunately they don't have expiration dates.) It was a fairly good movie. I could see the reasons some critics and fans hated it, and the dual vision problem (Director Ayers v WB Executives) but I think they have managed to put together a story that was interesting.

The trailers were overall horrible. I did see a Wonder Woman one that was decent, although I'm not sure I'll watch it. Other than that there wasn't a single movie that interested me in the previews.

But that's it.