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Onwards, more Across the River + Arc Deco

August 12, 2016
Posted at 3:37 pm

Chapter 2 of Across the River has been posted!

I'm going in for surgery in about a week and I'm trying to finish up a few things to post over the next month. At a minimum, I won't be able to write for several weeks afterwards... and possibly as long as 6-8 weeks.

The next Arc Deco Chapter is done, off with advance readers/editors and should be ready for posted next weekend. Hopefully Friday afternoon. I'm getting much better editing and proofing now, and it's taking me most of a day to just handle all of the edit and rewrites - but the final story is being much improved.

Done also, are the first four chapters of the Magic Kingdom sequel. I need to do about four more and then it will be done and can be sent off complete to editing. It will be posted probably 2 chapters per week while I'm convalescing, but under my alt writer name. Pertinent details later, as appropriate.

My #1 mission for my last week of available writing time is finish the next chapter of Baleful Sky. With enormous luck I could even finish this phase of the story with one or two more chapters.

I've had very little reader email this summer - I guess everyone is off on vacation!