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Old content with a new twist

August 11, 2016
Posted at 1:29 pm

I've been writing for a number of years. The exact number is not important, but it's been long enough that I'm actually reworking stories I wrote back in 1979 and trying to turn them into understandable prose. And that's not the earliest.

But, that's not the story I'm looking at. This one is just a couple years old, from a time when I decided that I would take a stab at defining different kinds of sex scenes for a writers' conference that I didn't attend. The piece isn't finished, but I read it this morning and was surprised to find that two of the scenes were from my "legitimate fiction". In other words, books I sold when I thought I was going to make a living as a writer.

What I wanted to know was if there would be interest in seeing a story that was just these scenes from different things that I've written. I have titles for the kind of sex in each excerpt, like "Gentle, reluctant", "Romantic Explicit", "Romantic Fade-to-black", "Raw", etc. I'd still have to put a bunch of excerpts together as I review pieces and would welcome your input on kinds of sex scene that should be included. There wouldn't be a storyline to this. It would just be a collection of excerpts with a brief description of what kind of scene it was.

Any interest? I'll probably never do the conference presentation as I am gradually separating myself from the mainline conference scene. After this year's conference, it became increasingly apparent to me that most of the content is irrelevant either to me or to the rest of the attendees.

Let me know.