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Life Diverted Ch.4&5

August 6, 2016
Posted at 2:33 pm

Just want to say thank you for the many kind messages of encouragement I've received since posting on Wednesday. As a first timer, they really mean a lot.

To answer a couple of questions: I've so far written 20 chapters, with a couple yet to do, which take Finn to the end of school, aged 18. That will be the end of the first volume, with a hiatus before going into adult life. Finn has his first sexual encounter in chapter 12.

Now to answer the awkward temporal mechanics question raised by a couple of people. (Warning: this paragraph may make your head explode!) If an adult (Ad1) went back in time to change their own timeline as a child (Ch1) it would create a paradox, as the altered timeline would essentially create a different version of that child (Ch2). With me so far? But then Ch2 would grow up as Ad2, not Ad1. So the instant Ch1 becomes Ch2, Ad1 would be erased from existence (as per 'Back to the Future'). The final twist is that if Ad1 no longer exists, who came back in time to start the whole process? Suffice to say I'm keeping it simple by using artistic license!

One plot line that seems to have resonated with several readers was the maths lesson in chapter 3, so I'll be brave and tell you that that actually happened to me as a kid. I didn't have the balls to challenge it at the time, but when my teacher told me and my parents a few months later that I needed to put my hand up more in class, I blurted out that the last time I did, she turned me into the butt of a joke. So yes, the bit about damaged self-esteem is realistic!

I've accelerated publishing chapters 1-5 this week, as chapter 5 has a watershed moment that I wanted to get to asap. From next week I will post single chapters, twice a week.