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A new Lovett... it's about time!

August 5, 2016
Posted at 6:00 pm

I had this story partially written a couple of years ago, but I wasn't happy with it. Finally I decided to dust it off and tried to fix it - I think I mostly have. I know that a lot of readers have been waiting for this for several years.

The good news first; the first four chapters of the sequel to 'Full Metal Fear Love and Loathing in the Magic Kingdom' are done. I think there are about four more chapters needed to finish the story, and I plan to finish them next week. Then off, complete, to external editing. On a related note, I received lots of wonderful edits for my lastest 2-3 story chapters. Hopefully, readers will be finding much fewer typos now than there used to be.

For next Friday, Chapter Two of Across the River will be ready to post. Lots of nice edits for that chapter too! Also for next week, once my deathmarch to finish 'Magic Kingdom 2' is done, I'll work on either the next Arco Deco chapter or 'Baleful Sky'. I don't want to keep too many partial serial stories juggling at once.

Also a few more minor updates to my offsite Story Wiki web site and Author Blog. URL is somewhere down below. I miss having it linked above at 'Forum'. A change I wish Laz hadn't made.

The bad news; surgery #6 for me is soon approaching at the end of the month. Another shoulder operation. Even optimistically this is going to keep me away from typing for at least a month. Full recovery expected to take about six months.

So... my cunning plan is to write like an insane person for the next three weeks, to build up a little backlog of stories for posting during September. Eight to ten chapters of 'Magic Kingdom" (posted under my alternate author name) will help. I think I can finish 'Baleful Sky' entirely (2-3 more chapters) and probably 'Across the River' (3-5 more chapters), and at least do one more Arc Deco #4 chapter. I won't start anything else new.

Kind thoughts and words of encouragement, encouraged...