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My western

August 5, 2016
Posted at 12:29 pm

This story has been a major learning experience. Because I was using dates with years, it screwed up the type of weapons used. The civil war period introduced several new weapons but most were toward the end and not the beginning. It's tough to believe shotguns with commercially available manufactured shells were not around until darn near 1900.

I learned that men didn't use belts to hold up their pants. If they used a belt their pants went up to the chest with a belt pulled tight to keep the very loose pants from sliding down. Instead of belts, pants had big buttons with leather pants-straps, braces, or suspenders to hold the loose pants up.

In an attempt to be accurate, the learning curve has been radical. Our country went through a lot of learning while fighting among ourselves.

This was to be a quickie because I had always wanted to write a western. This is my first shot at it. Hope you enjoy.