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Life Diverted

August 3, 2016
Posted at 3:27 pm
Updated: August 3, 2016 - 3:38 pm

This is my first bit of writing to have made it into the public domain, after countless aborted attempts. I'd be very grateful if you would modify your expectations accordingly!

A few quick notes:

- I will be posting chapters each Wednesday and Saturday.

- There will most definitely be sex in the story, but at the outset, the protagonist is only ten so has some growing up to do first.

- The first few chapters are necessarily quite bleak because of the context. If you stick with it, happier times will come.

- I will add other codes as the story develops. There is a long way to go yet so can't guarantee what will or won't come up.

- Everyone loves a do-over, and I'm a big fan of the stories on this site about Carl Buckman, Paul Taylor, William Britton and many others. If you're expecting a story of equal calibre to those giants, I'd invite you to read again my opening paragraph above. There will inevitably be a few parallels with other stories because of the time periods and do-over concept. My protagonist being British (like me) will hopefully give a distinctive slant on the times.

- British spelling and grammar throughout. Let me know if anything needs translating.

I hope you enjoy the story.