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End and Begin

August 2, 2016
Posted at 9:49 am

Money needed to end for a while because it became twice as long as intended. This was supposed to be some character introductions that got out of hand. At least it gives me a place to begin.

I have a Western that I always wanted to write but found that my knowledge of the times and equipment were lacking and it took several rewrites to get it close to right. I spend to much time getting detail correct. The story isn't very long and the chapters are in the final editor's hands but he is a popular editor (Rotorhead) and challenges the writer to get it right. I'll begin serving it Friday.

I still have to finish LA Fun but have been side tracked re
-reading Recluse so I can work on Mystery Mountain. I can't believe how slow going it has been on that one.

Have started and quit on a dozen stories but I want to work on Mystery Mountain. The Muse hasn't helped much but it will come together I'm sure.