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Brand Spankin' New Chapter

August 1, 2016
Posted at 5:46 am

Hello everyone.

I finally got Chapter 18 written and my editors turned my emoji-dominant writings and turned it into something legible. My eternal thanks to those two.

With Chapter 18, we revisit the future and see what is happening to our intrepid traveler. Some of you are highly vocal in your dislike of the chapters involving the future Tim but don't fret, their is rhyme to the reason and hopefully you will enjoy what happens. I know I did when I wrote it in my outline.

I have Chapter 18 in the queue and should be posting this morning. I was going to wait and see how many stories update to hopefully be a stand out offering and force many new readers into this world.

I'm actually getting some great feedback and it is definitely improving the story. There will be somethings suggested by readers that find themselves in the story and those of you who suggested them will know when they see them.

I'm not crediting any of ya, though. Tee Hee.

Chapter 19 might be delayed a few days since I will be purchasing a new laptop this week and so the time I would be writing will be spent transferring files and setting the new machine up the way I want it setup. I haven't had a new laptop in about 5 years so this will be a treat for me.

Again thanks for your patience and please enjoy this new chapter and rest assured I am already working on Chapter 19 but not until tomorrow or actually later today. Good grief, is it that late! Okay, I need sleep and so do all of you.