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Thoughts on Writing

July 31, 2016
Posted at 11:45 pm

Well, I'm being a bit bad and have spent part of today watching the all but unwatchable Sharknado marathon. I know some people will say "its so bad, its good." but that has never been a position I can take on any tale.

The funny thing is that it has moments. For one, the series actually has characters. Yes, they are often a bit cliché and with the exception of Fin and his family it seems like just every character exists to die often in a spectacular and bloody way. Yet, Fin is a character in a way all too few movies have characters.

I have to say that its overall pretty bad. The whole series is laughable, with silly dialogue, impossible events, and physics that exist only in comic books and anime.

But believe it or not, sometimes I can watch something like this and get ideas for silly tales.

Yet, in this case, nothing will be coming from watching this. I have too many other stories in work.