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Lustily Ever After

July 26, 2016
Posted at 4:11 pm

In all the excitement of getting Not This Time in the posting queue, I completely forgot to tell you all that my story "Mixed Media" has been released in the new anthology of erotica, Lustily Ever After. The story is an unreleased story in my "Pygmalion Revisited" series. We know the story of Pygmalion is that the artist falls in love with the art and prays that it will become alive. What happens when the roles are reversed and the art falls in love with the artist? The story will get posted here as soon as my contract with Two Dames Productions expires.

In this collection of erotic short stories, once upon a time... takes on a new meaning. Classic and lesser-known fairy and folk tales are reimagined in very, very sexy ways. From the romantic to the kinky, from delicate poetry to explicit short stories, this collection is sure to satisfy and open your eyes to new fairy tales.


What's better is that the book is on sale this coming weekend with the price of the eBook dropped to $0.99 from Friday the 29th to Sunday the 31st. Even if you aren't interested in buying the book, check out the cover! And if you'd like a copy in paper, that will be coming in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I'm setting my mind to work on a new Pygmalion story exclusively for here on SOL since "Mixed Media" won't be available here for a while.