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"Seal-a-meal" jeans

December 22, 2005
Posted at 3:43 pm

In a couple of my stories i mention grrls wearing jeans that have zippers running all the way around front to back.

I happened on a couple of pairs of those in the right size in a second-hand shop a few years back, and the possibilities were immediately obvious -- i mean, you could switch the legs between two different pairs and have one green leg and one red leg!

The ones i found were apparently made by something called "RagCity" i tried to track them down, but they apparently went out of business.

I just discovered that a new company, Gypsy Jeans ( is making them again.

Guys, these are really sexy jeans anyway, low-riders and tight.

I bet your grrlfriend would love a pair as a gift. I bet you would too. (teehee)

Grrls -- imagine the possibilities in something like this...