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Only one chapter??

July 23, 2016
Posted at 9:41 pm

Sorry for giving you only one chapter of Safe as Houses this week. The truth is, in one more chapter, we'll be done with Volume IV.

What's wrong with that? Well, er, um, I'm still working on Volume V. Oh I've written tons of stuff, a couple dozen chapters checking in with all the major characters. But I'm still wrestling it into shape.

I think I'll take the risk and post the work in progress. There's some good stuff ahead, including some spicy sex scenes (not that readers on this site care about that (grin)).

So: one more chapter to end Volume IV coming next week and then after that, writing which is definitely scrappier. I'll value more than ever any feedback you might have since I'm still frantically working on all this. And, er, there may be points ahead where I have to scramble to retrofit something. Oh well, it'll be fun.