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Crossing a new river - and another older one

July 23, 2016
Posted at 9:22 am
Updated: July 23, 2016 - 11:08 am

The first chapter of a new Weaver's World story 'Across the River' is up! Chapter Two is mostly done and might get sent off to advance readers/editors tomorrow. I estimate that this story can be finished in about 4 to 6 total chapters.

All ready for posting next Friday is the next long overdue chapter to 'Under a Baleful Sky'. That leaves 'When the Hunter...' as my only remaining serial that has not been recently updated. That will get attention later this fall.

Next week I hope to finish more new chapters for both Arc Dec and 'Across the River'. I also have mostly (98%) finished a map for another new story and have completed my outline work on an additional two different novel length stories. In the interest of not juggling too many serials at one time, I won't start posting any of those until 'Across the River' finishes. I'm also working now on the sequel to 'Full Metal Fear Love & Loathing in the Magic Kingdom'.

Reminder and advisement to new readers of Stultus stories... DO NOT buy the Stultus ebooks on Amazon! A long story I've told elsewhere in this Blog, but I never got paid even a dime! Zero - notta - zip - zilch.