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July 20, 2016
Posted at 11:45 am
Updated: August 15, 2016 - 2:38 pm

UPDATE 15-AUG-2016: Aja is now complete. I have posted the final chapter, an epilogue. What started out as a 5-chapter story in my slush pile has grown into a 21-part, 85,000 word, full-blown novel.

UPDATE for Chapter 16: I don't mean for this chapter to read like a reprise of the Hubbards incident; rather it's an opportunity for Jason to experience the ambivalence of his white neighbor to a mixed-race relationship.

The character of Aja Morgan, the Black gospel singer mentioned in "Lab Partners" is based on (actually, stolen from) another story in my slush pile, "Aja". "Aja" was my first attempt at an interracial romance. It's a bit darker than "Lab Partners" but I decided to buff it up and post it for the heck of it.

Whenever I develop a character that's outside my own sphere of experience, I worry that I'll get something wrong and inadvertently offend someone. It's certainly not my intent and I apologize in advance if that should happen.

"Aja" also draws upon my experience as a broadcast engineer, a summer job I held as an undergraduate in the 1970s. I actually performed a remote broadcast at a Black church as part of my duties.