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Chapter 392 of Book 3 is in the queue

July 15, 2016
Posted at 5:10 pm

This week with Arlene and Jeff:

...There was a high-pitched sound that quickly faded into the distance, accompanied by a puff of dust from the highest pinnacle of the peak a heartbeat later.

"Wow," Charlotte said as both women looked at Jeff.

"Now, let's do it with the same size ball at one-tenth light speed."

Another ball dutifully drifted out of the box and stationed itself in front of Jeff. This time, there was a flash of light and a rolling clap of thunder. The peak exploded into a cloud of debris with a dust cloud suddenly obscuring the area. When the wind blew the dust away, the pinnacle was no longer there.

"I think I believe now," Ada whispered as she continued to stare at the area where the peak had stood.

"So, that's why you're a Prime?" Charlotte asked.

"Well, no," Jeff started, worrying that they thought he had been bragging. "It's really no big deal."

"It is one of the attributes of a Prime," Ship said, startling the women. "Primes have powers beyond what an Alpha has, and some in my dimension have had the ability to move objects with their minds, but no Prime recorded in my database has ever succeeded in what you have just witnessed. And… you must understand; he was gently pushing the balls. We have decided to keep the speed of his missiles down to less than half light speed. There is a possibility that, under the proper circumstances, the ball, or the plasma it becomes, might compress the air in front of it enough to create nuclear fusion."

"Fusion? As in a nuclear bomb?" Ada asked...

Have a goodun;