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something I notice about my writing

July 15, 2016
Posted at 5:38 am

I've noticed right away that my writing (remember I'm new still) probably suffers somewhat. I'm always distracted by work, family, work, and sometimes even video games.
I feel that I definitely need to improve my character development skills and describe the environment or actions going on better than I am.
I know that my biggest problem is trying to maintain a steady pace when my fingers are going as fast as possible (along with my brains imagination) to get the details down on paper (urhm, right computer screen). I guess I lack patience to really form the story.
I'm currently working on two new stories. One is about the girl across the street and the other about a girl who was living with us for awhile.
In the first story I hope to be more descriptive and develop a deeper character involvement.
In the second story, since I usually write in the first person from my perspective I hope to at least write from the girls perspective. In that particular story I think it would be much more interesting and deep.
Here's hoping for the best.