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Minor edits to "The Arrangement"

July 12, 2016
Posted at 3:42 pm

Hi all:

So I've re-read "The Arrangement" from start to finish a couple of times this week, first time I'd read it in its entirety since I finished writing it. Still quite pleased with it. I found several typos, and revised the chapters and reuploaded them to fix.

I also made one content change. A reviewer of the story noted the improbability of a "secret society" like ISPOTA, and the fact that they'd have a network of physicians around the world explicitly approving of sexual activities between adults and minors. :)

While the existence of ISPOTA is central to the story, the knowledge of the physician is not, and I see the reviewer's point. It does stretch believability a bit to imagine doctors around the world knowing of these Arrangements, and not notifying the authorities.

So, I tweaked chapters 5 and 6 to note that Arrangements simply require medical examinations from a "board-certified physician." Basically just a standard sexual health exam, and then the doctor is asked to fax the results to a specific fax number, with no mention of the organization behind it. That seems a little more logical to me.

I welcome your thoughts! Also, in reference to my last post re illustrations for "The Arrangement," I've reached out on a couple of online forums to see if I can find an illustrator willing to work with me, pro bono. If you (or someone you know) would be interested, please get in touch!