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July 11, 2016
Posted at 8:44 pm

First, let me thank manddscott. In addition to a very nice review, several typos/errors in The Grim Reaper were pointed out. I edited and reloaded several chapters. Thank you.

Second, several people have been asking for the latest on when my next story will come out. Here is the latest info, and it isn't positive. The company that I worked for, and that my wife and I partially owned, was sold at the end of January. (For fans of A Fresh Start, Lefleur Homes is no more.) As a result, I have a new job and considerably less time to write. I cannot honestly say that I have moved beyond the ideas and thoughts I had at the end of The Grim Reaper. I am very slowly getting back into the groove, doing some preliminary research, but my personal life is totally upside down. That's the way it works, sometimes. Sorry about that.

- rlfj