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July 9, 2016
Posted at 12:49 am

Chapter 14 submitted

And Chapter 15 is done and ready for next weekend, with Chapter 16 almost done.

I had someone ask me why I was starting all these main sub-quests then not finishing them. Two reasons. One, that gives me plenty of material for writing later, and two, those SHOULD be later. Martina needs to save Nirn. What good does it do her to become the Listener or the Archmage if while she's doing that, the rest of the world gets destroyed?

Obviously we know that in the game that the destruction of the world can sort of hang out there indefinitely. I think there ought to be SOME sense of urgency. Doesn't mean we won't still go start some of the major side-quests, just finishing them ought to wait until the world is saved.